Just one, I’m a few. No family too. Who am I?
One gifset per episode • Orphan Black 1.01

The Orphan Black Cast on their favorite clone.

I’m the Doctor. Well, they call me the Doctor. I don’t know why. I call me the Doctor too. Still don’t know why.


I have been waiting 4 months to make this.

Sebastian Stan photographed by Santiago Sierra

Sebastian Stan photographed by Santiago Sierra

There are six* sides to Tumblr 

  • Side one:  Pictures of Starbucks and girls who have dip-dyed hair
  • Side two:  People crying over fictional gay couples
  • Side three:  genuinely fucked up people looking for support and a place they don't have to hide. An escape.
  • Side four:  porn.
  • Side six:  The super geeky and crazy intelligent nerds who only come out of their labs to teach us all a lesson on anything science related.



Hugh Jackman crashed on The Tonight Show couch for a night, but he had warned Jimmy during his interview earlier this week…

Mr Jackman please consider this an open invitation to sleep on my couch whenever you like and of you don’t leave, so be it.


CATWS vs Captain America comics